About the Montgomery Bar Foundation


Montgomery Bar Foundation is the charitable arm of the Montgomery Bar Association.  For over 25 years, the Foundation has supported law-related educational, charitable, and humanitarian projects throughout Montgomery County.  Grants awarded by the Foundation have been used to help the elderly, homeless, victims of domestic violence, troubled and underpriveledged youth, and many other individuals and families in need.


Mission Statement


The mission of the Montgomery Bar Foundation is to improve, facilitate and support justice and fair treatment for all.


Supporting Our Mission


Members of our legal community and others are encouraged to do their part to ensure a legacy of justice in our community with help from the Bar Foundation.,  The Bar Foundation solicits grant applications and awards grants after careful review.  Grants are awarded to those causes which are most deserving and best aligned with their Mission.  In addition to its grants, the Bar Foundation works with families, law firms and others wishing to pay tribute to those who have truly made a difference in our legal community.  For example, each year since 1986, the Foundation has honored the late Judge Moss by presenting The Honorable Milton O. Moss Public Service Award to a Montgomery COunty resident who has provided exceptional service in support of the justice system.  The Honorable Louis D. Stefan Award -- another example, recognizes excellence in law enforcement.  The Foundation also hosts and sponsors a variety of important events each year to raise funds and/ore awareness for important causes.


Supporting Our Mission


Below are just some of the many local organizations that have benefited from Montgomery Bar Foundation grants in recent years.